International Women’s Day Exhibition


The International Women’s exhibition showcases the wealth and talent of local artists in East Sussex. The exhibition celebrates artists who portray confident female figures in their work. There will be a public view on the 31st of March between 5pm and 7pm at the Brighthelm Community Centre in Brighton. All artwork is for sale and 20% of the money raised will be going into the Brighthelm charity pot.

One of the featured artists on the night will be Christine Alford. Christine has been practicing Japanese brush painting for over a year. She started out painting in November 2014 when she joined an art group at the Phoenix Art Gallery in Brighton. ‘The Rose’ is one of the pictures painted by Christine and will be on sale.

The Rose by Christine Alford
The Rose by Christine Alford

According to Christine ‘The Rose’ is a symbol of love and the beauty of nature. Her other pictures include ‘Flowers Blowing in the Wind’ and ‘The Wave’ which was inspired by Hokusai’s famous painting called ‘The Wave’. Christine usually paints in black but also enjoys experimenting with colour. She goes on to say that she finds painting enjoyable, a form of meditation that spirits her away from the everyday stresses of life. You can see more of Christine’s work online at the Nameless Gallery.

Tony Hammond is another featured artist. He is a photographer in Portslade. He has enjoyed taking photos since his college days. In recent years he has been photographing bands and gigs. Around a year ago Tony decided that he wanted to take photography in a more serious capacity. He wanted to create some more artistic imagery and increase his ability, skill and confidence in photographing. In the last year he has focused more heavily on photography with people to create more interesting and artistic images. You can find out more about Tony and his work at his facebook page.

Street Vibes by Tony Hammond
Street Vibes by Tony Hammond

Other featured artists include Sarah Gilling AKA S.o.S., Judi Thomas, Ann- Marie Hughes, Harry Halpin, Lucy Lebroque, Anya Zervudachi, ANT FOX and Rod Yarrow. This unique exhibition brings together some of the most talented artists in East Sussex.  The exhibition is on at the Brighthelm Community Centre in Brighton until the 3rd April.


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